Portfolio Masterclass

You'll learn how to make sure each project looks great, but also tells its own story and how to use our expertise as an example when creating new projects for yourself or clients

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Classes Start From :
Friday, 31st March
Schedule:-Monday to Friday
Timings: 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
Duration:-4 Weeks

Impress Recruiters with a Stronger Design Portfolio

Here’s what you’ll learn




Focus on smaller-scale projects in complete detail. Example: Interior modelling, G+1 structure, Etc.



Model large scale projects from basics to advanced in a faster and more precise manner. For example, high rise building, shopping mall, museum, 7 bedroom villa etc.


3DS Max

Create fluidic forms and shapes from start to finish and extract 2D drawings from them. Example: Curved buildings, twisted towers, furniture design, interior detailing etc.



Create designs with a form over function ideology to make unique designs, that would be difficult to make on other software.




Create realistic views; Exterior & Interior Walkthroughs


V – Ray

Learn a highly efficient and faster rendering method with V-ray + Photoshop for post-processing to render 10-15 times faster than usual.




Post-processing on interior & exterior renders ; Creative presentation on 2D drawings (plans, sections & elevations)



Create attractive portfolios for interns and professionals from industry professionals. Sheet composition




Learn to generate sections & elevations within 10 – 15 mins Basic principles explained professionally Learn to use Layout to make plotting your sheets simpler & faster

Everything you need to succeed.. And more

We’ve created a completely unique learning experience to make sure you get the most out of it.

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All sessions are live

What’s the point of learning without asking doubts? Ask your doubts and get them answered then and there

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Get a Studio Layout Approved Certificate at the end of the course, that you can place in your portfolio

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Provision of Software

We provide you the software, so you don’t need to do any work before you enroll!”

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Mentor based learning

Show your work and progress to your teachers and get personalized feedback working with them.

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Recordings of all the Classes

Missed a class? Not able to attend? No problem! We provide all the recordings of all the classes for 1 year.

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Once you join a Studio Layout course, you can always ask doubts and questions even after the course is over on our dedicated WhatsApp Group

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Here are some of the renders done by our students

Would you like to create designs such as these?

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Why Students Love Academy

"Studio layout provide then 9 software courses with Sach an easy flowing classes I have personally experienced. Adnaan sir and Madhura maam and Swati maam made it learn in the easiest possible Ways. Clearing every doubt. at very point. And Lastly the final output was self satisfyingThank you Studio Layout."

" An Excellent Course Taught In The Most Understanding And Systematic Way. Someone like me who had zero knowledge about most of these software was able to easily pick up everything being taught here because it is all explained patiently starting from basics. I am sure that with ample amount of practice using the understanding they have provided through the classes anybody can master the software easily. Thank you to the Teachers."

"Highly recommended for whoever seeking for a best online architecture or interior design software courses 9 software just at a rate of one software and the best quality constant support classes provided by well-trained architecture And every software starting from the scratch so that even without any knowledge about any of the software you can easily learn through this course and you will be able to become an expert in all these software. Absolutely the best.. Thanks a bunch to the whole team! :)"

Hats offf!! Studio layout ❤️ I would like to thank Adnan Farooq Sir, Swati Ma'am and Madhura Ma'am very much. I got to learn a lot from these 3 mentors, they are very friendly and they teach you point to point stuffs. Taught a lot of things in it in such a short time. For those who don't know, from these sessions you can learn everything from the very beginning to the pro level. And even if you have doubts however they resolve your doubts immediately💯. So if you think to join STUDIO LAYOUT then go for it, you'll never ever regret it☺️🤞

Week by week breakup and overview of course

  • Introduction to a portfolio
  • Common problems of a portfolio
  • Resume and cover pages
  • Portfolio content
  • Sheet composition
  • Themes & Colours
  • Text Writting
  • Miscellaneous sections
  • FAQs
  • Portfolio Review


Day 1

Understand what is a portfolio, what should be the size of your portfolio and form a persona of who is the reader of your portfolio. What are the common mistakes you should avoid and how long your portfolio should be.


Day 2

What goes into a resume? Why is a cover page important, and how you can stand out without overdoing it. How many projects you should put in your portfolio, in what order and what should the content of the projects be. What is a sheet dump? What is the kind of work that goes into your projects?


Day 3

Continue discussing what kind of work goes into your projects, discuss how to compose, learn how much text and what kind of text is required in a portfolio and the layout of the portfolio.


Day 4

Why and what is the miscellaneous section of your portfolio? Some FAQs about portfolios and internships in general. Review portfolios for good and bad examples.

Meet Our Teachers

All teachers
Ar. Madhura

Ar. Madhura

Ar. Madhura

A staunch believer of being one with the nature, Madhura combines architectural knowledge with her passion for technology and 3d visualisation.

View Profile
Ar. Adnaan Farook

Ar. Adnaan Farook

Founder & CEO

An Architect who has been conducting workshops and courses for students and colleges since 2016

View Profile
Ar. Swati Deep

Ar. Swati Deep


Swati is an Architect with her head in dark academics

View Profile

Frequently Asked Questions

Out of the list, software such as AutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion & Indesign are extremely easy and get done in quick sessions so that the balance of the software such as 3ds max, Revit, Rhino, Vray & Photoshop we focus the majority of the time.
Also, there’s a research of more than 10 years done on these software and the training given is highly practical and made completely easy to learn, understand and instantly apply on your own projects.

Yes! We do teach from complete basics, even if you do not know any of the software it will not make a difference as we teach completely from scratch.

The exact same program is taken up by Senior Architects, interior designers and companies all over India who have already been using a few software and still the course is highly applicable to them as we do not teach in a typical way. You also need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the software which you know, and how to be much more efficient with them.

The video recordings will be uploaded online and you will have access up to 1 year.

We will be providing you with all the 9 software once you enrol into the program and also guide you through the entire installation process.

You will receive a certificate from our company Studio Layout which is a registered architectural firm, with the mention of your name and all the 9 software which you learnt.

Demo classes will not be beneficial in anyway to students, thats why we advise students to read out reviews on Google, we’re rated 4.8/5 after more than 760 reviews!